To those of you who’ve seen me on Reddit, Fuwanovel, or Discord, it’s nice to see you again. To the first-timers, it’s nice to meet you. I’m DubstepKazoo, and I’m the translator and project lead for Senmomo.

As my little blurb on the Team page suggests, I’ve been translating for quite some time now, and I’m overjoyed to have the opportunity to bring this wonderful game to the English-speaking community.

This development blog is going to fill up quite a bit as time moves on – you can expect to see a lot of posts from me regarding translation philosophy and the project’s workflow, and Pangolin is eager to make some write-ups about his experience hacking the game and the tools he’s created to aid in it. Other team members might post, too – Lonesome’s treatises on translation and editing are an absolute joy to read.

Just yesterday, we all had a great conference call together. Garudyne had just finished his TLC work on Chapter 1, so Lonesome and I decided to get him on a call so we could discuss the notes he had for us. We were soon joined by Silverlight and PDVT, too. We sat down and started discussing, and by the time we looked at the clock again, more than eight hours had passed and we had finalized Chapter 1’s script. Granted, most of what we discussed were very minor nitpicks, and there were no glaring translation errors, but it was a fulfilling experience. We’ve got something real special here.

I’m going to end this post here. I wanna spend some time drafting out my future write-ups. I hope you keep checking back, as we’ve got a lot of interesting stuff we want to share. Until next time, friends, and if you want to get in touch with me, I’m best reached on Reddit as /u/DubstepKazoo or Discord as DubstepKazoo#8540.

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