Senmomo Project Status

Translation: 100%

The initial translation of the main game and its fan disc is complete. All script files, images, songs, and so forth are completely done.

Script Editing: 49.20%

Lonesome is working hard to read moege polish the script and bring it to a computer screen near you. If you want more detailed information about our progress, click here.

Image Editing

All images with text have been cleaned and are awaiting their final translations. They’ll get ’em once Kazoo and Lonesome get to them in editing.


The most important hacking problems have been solved. All that’s left are the hard but less vital ones, like making the date display screens show English text.


Chapter 1 has been fully QCed. QA will begin once we have a release candidate.


Silverlight has written wonderful (singable!) lyrics for the game’s ED and is moving on to the OP and PV. Light is busy putting said lyrics on the four video files it applies to. Godspeed.