Meet the Translation Team


Team Lead, Translator

“I fully translated the game, and now I work closely with Lonesome on editing, as well as overseeing the other aspects of the project. I’ve been translating works in the otaku sphere since 2014, my most recent projects being Attack on Titan: The Final Season and the Fate/Stay Night Heaven’s Feel movies.”



“I’m the project’s editor, which means I spend my time flipping back and forth between demanding that my translator do more to rein me in and begging them to have a heart and not kill my baby. I’m very passionate about the anatomy of moe, the superiority of British English spelling, and all 2D little sisters.”

Darbury Laine

Image Editor

“The poor schmuck responsible for editing all the game UI, images, and videos. I’m also a member of the 07th-Mod dev team for Higurashi and have worked on numerous other game localizations over the years, including Kamaitachi no Yoru: Rinne Saisei, Ni no Kuni (DS), Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort, Hitokata, Misuzu no Kuni, and more.”


Quality Assurance

Coming soon.


TL/Editing Checker

Coming soon.


Hacking Support

“My job is to write words that make things go (aka Programming). I come mostly from a game development background, and ever since I got hooked on VNs back in 2019 I’ve developed quite an interest for playing around with and modifying VN engines. And breaking them too. Mostly breaking them.”


Hacking Support

Coming soon.


Hacking Support (inactive)

Early member of the team. Helped with initial engine hacking. Eaten by a grue.


Song/Subbing Support

“idk quote Unlimited Blade Works or something”


Song/Subbing Support

“Chemist by day; visual novel enjoyer among other things by night. I’m working the lyrics for Senmomo’s songs so that they’re (hopefully!) completely singable in English.”